2019 NCSA Scholarship Winner Camryn Hulvat

Camryn Hulvat

Granddaughter of Robert J. Hulvat,
Candy Hall of Fame 1991


Camryn is a freshman at the University of Tampa studying in the honors program for advertising and public relations.

She is a graduate of Hinsdale South High School in Darien, IL, where she was on the badminton team and a varsity cheerleader. During high school Camryn was a member of the National Honors Society and the Peer Leadership Network. She also served as yearbook photography editor for two years.

Her love of photography lead Camryn to start her own business, Camryn’s Camera, as a way to grow her interest into something bigger and more meaningful, she says. She is also a workout enthusiast and a regular liturgist at a United Methodist church.

Talking about her passion for photography, Camryn says: “To know that something I created could influence others in a positive way, became my most significant source of motivation.”