2023 Candy Hall of Fame • October 19 to 22, Tampa, FL

The 2023 Candy Hall of Fame inductions will take place October 19 to 22, in Tampa, FL. More details will be released in the coming months.

We are now accepting nominations for the Candy Hall of Fame Class of 2023. Full details are available here.

Questions? Call (216) 631 8200 or email info@candyhalloffame.org


2022 Candy Hall of Fame Attendees

2022 Candy Hall of Fame Program & Member Roster

2022 Candy Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

Class of

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Doug Boes

Shankman & Associates, Inc.

Jennifer Dilts

Dollar General Corp.

Peter Greweling

Culinary Institute of America

Jeff Grossman

YummyEarth, Inc.

Dwayne Hallan

Long Grove Confectionery Co.

Terri Hoggatt

Jelly Belly Candy Co.

Mark McArdle

McArdle, Inc.

Troy Pearley

Divine Chocolate Ltd.

Stacey Rutherford

Burdette Beckmann Inc.

Edward Seibolt

Fannie May Confections-Ferrero

Paul Adams

Adams & Brooks, Inc.

Emmert Brooks

Adams & Brooks, Inc.

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