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The Candy Hall of Fame honors those who give back to the confectionery industry.

The NCSA was founded in 1899 as a community for industry professionals to come together to share ideas and form relationships aimed at building and strengthening the confectionery industry.

Today, more than 120 years later, our members represent all disciplines within the confectionery community — manufacturers, brokers, retailers, distributors and suppliers to the industry.

We are honored to have members across the globe who continue to focus on the common goal of furthering industry growth through our four pillars of education, mentoring, fellowship and recognition.

The NCSA is proud to administer the Candy Hall of Fame, which is universally recognized as the highest honor an individual can receive within the confectionery industry. The annual Candy Hall of Fame weekend offers our members, family, friends and colleagues the opportunity to celebrate the people who make the industry great.

We take pride in the many accomplishments of all of our members and strive to continually develop opportunities to foster fellowship among our ranks and within the greater confectionery community.


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NCSA Distinguished Service Award