Greg Cater

Picture of Greg Cater

Greg Cater says he had simple goals when he was young and initially pursued his passion for working with wood, beginning with owning a cabinet shop out of college. Greg says he loves wood that has a story, and his own story began in Yuba City, CA, on March 13, 1957, born to George and […]

Shelly Clarey

Picture of Shelly Clarey

SHELLY Clarey had plans to be an accountant and, in fact, her first position in the confectionery industry in 1984 was in the accounting department at Sather’s Candy Co. after earning an accounting degree from Nettleton College, in South Dakota. However, she quickly figured out that all the excitement in the business was on the […]

James Day

Picture of James Day

James Day was born in Cincinnati, on February 8, 1928, to George and Martha Day, and he had one brother, George “Bud” Day. Jim says he dreamt of being an engineer when he left high school, and “never in a million years thought he would be in the candy business.” Out of high school, he […]

Vivian Kaye Farber

Picture of Vivian Kaye Farber

Vivian Kaye Farber has made it her life’s goal to keep her family strong and ready for the next generation. Born April 4, 1950, in Brooklyn, to Holocaust survivors Henry and Helen Kaye, Vivian grew up with the values of the importance of seizing the moment and being sensitive to the feelings and needs of […]

Bernard Garbusjuk

Picture of Bernard Garbusjuk

Honoring and building a legacy has been at the heart of Bernard Garbusjuk’s career. He was born August 30, 1943, in Strehlen, Germany, to Paula Fuerst and Walter Garbusjuk, and has an older brother, Kurt. After graduating from high school in East Berlin, he was in the process of enrolling in veterinary school when the […]

Thalia A. Hohenthal

Picture of Thalia A. Hohenthal

Thalia Hohenthal has long maintained the confectionery industry chose her. As a dedicated advocate for the science behind confectionery and a catalyst for the changes that can result from new discoveries, Thalia has proved the industry chose well. Born July 11, 1956, in Palo Alto, CA, she was raised with four siblings, Stephen, Dean, Leslie […]

R. Kevin Miller

Picture of R. Kevin Miller

R. Kevin Miller, who was born on August 1, 1955, in Atlanta, to John Robert (Bob) and Evelyn, is the younger brother to Denise. Kevin says he has lived by the family motto: “Work is the way that Millers play.” Reinforcing that ethic, when he was 16, Kevin worked as a stock boy for Eckerd […]

Dan Mueller

Picture of Dan Mueller

Dan Mueller, known to his friends as Opie, was born July 3, 1955, in Evanston, IL. His father, Frederick started work at Brach Candy Co. in 1954, so Dan notes: “You can say my entire life has been connected to the candy industry.” Brought up alongside siblings Bob, Kevin, Nancy Ann and Ellen Marie, he […]

Patrick J. Murnane

Picture of Patrick J. Murnane

Patrick J. Murnane began his career with Murnane Cos., as a janitor and paperboard collection/recycling manager just three days after his 17th birthday — the first day he could officially work at the family’s packaging supplies company. His story starts back on June 1, 1956, born to Irene Dolores and Francis Joseph Murnane, Sr., in […]

Debra S. Robins

Picture of Debra S. Robins

Debra S. Robins was born April 20, 1961 in Cleveland, to Sheldon and Judy Sadugor, who taught Debbie and her siblings, Lori and David, to become responsible, community-minded adults and encouraged them to travel and embrace diversity in their lives. Her earliest memory of being introduced to the industry was attending her first convention in […]