William A. Walker

Picture of William A. Walker

William A. Walker was born April 5, 1948, in Ashville, OH, to Jack and Ruby. He has a sister, Brenda. Bill graduated in 1966 from Spotsylvania High School in the Virginia town of the same name before attending the University of Maryland, College Park, graduating from its school of agriculture in 1971. That same year, […]

John F. Wynn

Picture of John F. Wynn

John F. Wynn was born June 27, 1957, to Francis Jr. and Peg, in Silver Spring, MD. He has six siblings; Kathleen, Patrick, Christopher, Jerome, Joseph and Kerry. John graduated from Dulaney High School in Timonium, MD, in 1975, and began his 24-year career in the candy business in 1987 as an account manager for […]

Samuel Altshuler

Picture of Samuel Altshuler

Samuel Altshuler was born in Belarus, Russia, September 10, 1898, to Solomon and Hannah and had eight siblings. In 1917, in the middle of the Russian Revolution, Sam and a cousin decided to flee to China, escaping by train in borrowed Army uniforms to avoid being conscripted into the service. The two arrived in Harbin, […]

John B. Molyneux

Picture of John B. Molyneux

John B. Molyneux was born November 9, 1935, in Stoke Newington, London, England, to Alfred and Clara. He attended Hurstpierpoint College in Sussex, graduating in 1953. John served as a Lieutenant of the Royal Armored Corps and in 1957, he began working as a brewer for Guinness Harp Corp. After seven years with Guinness, John […]