Raymond “Buz” Heinz

Picture of Raymond “Buz” Heinz

Raymond “Buz” Heinz considers success to be a journey, not a destination. He says his journey has involved working hard, taking risks, meeting new people and keeping in touch with them, as well as being open to and exploring new ideas and concepts. Buz was born to Laurette and Edward in Baltimore, on September 20, […]

Thomas “Tom” Scheiman

Picture of Thomas “Tom” Scheiman

Thomas “Tom” Scheiman began his candy career at distributor Ace Tobacco and Candy Co. in Solon, OH, while attending R.B. Chamberline High School in Twinsburg, OH. He worked his way up from being a floor sweeper to general manager. Tom was born in Cleveland, OH, on February 12, 1955, and married Judi in 1974. He […]

Russell Stover

Picture of Russell Stover

Russell Stover was born May 6, 1888, in Osborne County, KS. After his family moved to Iowa City, IA, he attended Iowa City Academy. He then studied for a year and a half at Iowa State University, focusing on chemistry. He married Clara Lewis in 1911, and the two moved to Saskatchewan and then to […]

Harry Burnett “H.B.” Reese

Picture of Harry Burnett Reese

Harry Burnett “H.B.” Reese was born May 24, 1879, in Frosty Hill, PA. He lived there with his family until he married Blanche Edna in 1900. He and his wife had 16 children. In 1917, he took a job at one of Milton Hershey’s dairy farms, where he was inspired to develop his own confections. […]