William A. Raleigh

William A. Raleigh

Class of 2006

Born February 23, 1945, in New York City, Bill received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Vermont and served in the Army Reserves as a second lieutenant. In 1965, he married Jeanne and they have four children: Jon, Tara, Chris and Dana.

Beginning his career as a production chemist with Armstrong Cork, Bill entered the candy business in 1980 when he accepted a marketing manager position with Lonza, Inc. After overseeing a variety of research initiatives, he aided in the development of the company’s renowned Hystar product line.

Throughout his career, Bill has been instrumental in aiding candy companies develop new sugarfree items, including candy canes, taffy and other soft candies.

In 1992, Bill became the first person outside of the research and development department to receive Lonza’s honor as Innovator of the Year. He attributes his success to his motto: Never make a hasty decision, but do not delay making a decision to over-gather information. Keep a delicate balance.

At the time of his induction Bill served as a consultant for SPI Polyols, Inc., which purchased Lonza in 2000, and was assisting Synergy Flavors with its entry into the confectionery industry.

Bill is a member of numerous confectionery associations and regularly lectures on sugarfree candy. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, classical music and gardening.