Sam Born

Sam Born

Class of 2006

Sam was born on September 10, 1891, and received his education in Berdichev, Ukraine, at the city’s rabbinical school. When his family moved to France, he worked in a candy store and learned the business.

In 1910, Sam emigrated to the U.S. and began making chocolates. Six years later, he designed a stick-inserting machine for lollipops, which won him the Key to San Francisco. That same year, he opened several small candy stores in New York City.

Sam began to manufacture candy in 1923. He called his company Just Born because he claimed his products were so fresh it was as though they were just born.

He was soon joined in the business by his brothers-in-law and fellow Candy Hall of Famers Irv Shaffer and Jack Shaffer. Sam and his partners acquired Norma Chocolate Works in 1926, and valiantly survived the depression. In 1932, the team purchased a factory in Bethlehem, PA, and recruited workers from the stagnant steel industry.

In forthcoming years Just Born acquired a number of brands, including Maillard, Kreem Made Fudge, Rodda and Marlon. The company has manufactured such well-known brands as Mike and Ike candies and Peeps since the 1940s.

At the time of Sam’s posthumous induction, his grandson, Ross, and nephew, David Shaffer, were co-CEOs of Just Born. Sam passed away on March 23, 1959.