Roy Jefferson Allen III

Class of 1996

Roy was born in Los Angeles on March 5, 1941. He graduated from Harvard High School and the University of Southern California with a degree in sales administration and food distribution. He married Anne Olivier on April, 1976, and raised three children; Kathleen, Rachel and Roy IV.

After college, Roy joined the R.J. Allen Co. a firm founded by his father. He began in 1963 as a salesman, was promoted to general manager in 1973 and named president in 1985.

He served in the California Air National Guard in southern California from 1960 to 1966, and credits his father’s determination and competitive instincts, as well as his own education, for his success.

At the time of his induction, Roy was a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, board member of the William H. Parker Los Angeles Police Foundation and chairman of the finance committee of the Al Lapidus Memorial Scholarship Fund.