Robert J. Pearsall Sr.

Class of 1974

Bob began his career in the candy industry in 1950 as a member of the sales force of the Charms Candy Co. He soon advanced to the position of sales manager, a position he held until joining D.C. Sales Co. where he remained until 1968. In that year, he became a partner in G.M.C.-G.N.P. Sales, later forming R. J. Sales Co.

A life-long resident of New Jersey, Bob and his wife Kay raised four children; Cathy, Bob Jr. Paul and Doug. His involvement in the candy industry, especially his close relationships with customers, manufacturers, and fellow salesmen, earned him the respect, friendship and admiration of his peers. Bob was a visionary who foresaw the huge difference supermarkets would have on the quantities of candy that could be sold. It was this type of vision that led Bob and Arthur Sarnow to propose the founding of the Candy Hall of Fame, in which Bob was inducted in 1974. The results of their joint vision are evident here today.