Patrice Guy

Patrice Guy

Class of 2023

When Patrice Guy began working in the confectionery industry, she made it known that within five years she would want to be looking for a new challenge. Now, 34 years later, she can’t imagine herself doing anything else.

Patrice was born on September 6, 1959, to Master Sergeant Roger Byerly, Sr. and Loretta at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. She remarks that her parents set an incredible example for her and her four siblings, focused on faith, love, family and a strong work ethic. She notes that both of her parents were incredibly involved in her life and continue to set a good example.

After attending Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, FL, Patrice went to the University of Central Florida for two years. Leaving college early, she began planning her career at The Walt Disney Co., the fulfillment of a long-time dream.

Patrice’s first role with Disney goes back to her being a parade character in America on Parade, and on September 4, 2023, she celebrated 46 years with the company. She even met her husband, Jeffrey, while they were both working at Disney — him at a store on Main Street and her at the Emporium.

Together they have two children, Courtney and Sean, and welcomed their first grandchild in September.

Patrice’s first experience with confectionery was in 1989 when she became a retail manager and buyer of international candies at the World Showcase pavilions in Disney’s Epcot. In 2010, she says her leadership team decided it was time for her to expand her knowledge and moved her into the Disney branded and developed category as a product developer and merchandiser, for consumables and candy production. Today, she is the category manager, caseline and candy production for the entertainment company.

Patrice remarks that what she found intriguing when moving into her new role was the creative aspect of working with an art team and suppliers to develop compelling and memorable packaged treats.

Looking back on her career, Patrice notes her commitment to providing the best experiences, a natural curiosity and creativity, and a strong work ethic have all been factors in her success.

She says she is grateful for the relationships she has forged with her team at Disney, as well as the bonds she has built with other industry leaders who have helped her “stay the course” and set strong examples.

Along with being active in the industry, Patrice spends time volunteering with outside organizations, most notably her church. She has held many roles with their Lenten Fish Fry and also serves on the Parish council, the Catholic youth league and both the church school board and the Catholic diocese of Orlando Diocesan school board.

Patrice’s general life philosophy is to figure out how to live life as God intended, which she says can even be done through your job.

She and her husband enjoy hosting and attending monthly family dinners as well as traveling. She also likes to spend time reading and hanging out with friends.

Patrice says she wants to be remembered for being kind and compassionate and having a strong conviction of integrity.