Luis A. Pagani

Luis A. Pagani

Class of 2000

Born in May, 1957, in Cordoba, Argentina, Luis Pagani began working at his family’s candy company, Arcor Group, while still in his teens. Founded in 1951 by his father, Fulvio Salvador Pagani, Argentina-based Arcor Group is one of the largest candy companies in the world.

A graduate of the LaSalle School, Cordoba, and the National University of Cordoba, Luis is a degreed National Public Accountant and completed coursework in marketing at New York University. Married to Mari Eugenia in 1983, the couple is raising three daughters; Laura Ines, Andrea Cecilia and Maria Julia at their home in Argentina. President of Arcor Group since 1993, Luis began his professional career with the company in 1983 as chief commercial officer. Among his many honors, he has been named an honorary member of the Argentine Marketing Association, Corporate Officer of the Year 1999 by Argentina’s Corporate Officers Assoc. and the Argentine food industry’s Entrepreneur of the Year, 1997. Luis credits his father, Fulvio, president of the company until 1990, as having had the greatest influence in shaping both his personal and professional life.

In addition to his leadership role at Arcor, Luis is a member of the International Agribusiness and Management Association, the Young Presidents Organization, the Global Leaders of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, and serves as Vice-President of Forum De Lideres Mercosur, a Latin American free trade group.

Luis counts the most memorable part of his career as the role he has played in making Arcor Group one of the world’s largest candy producer, Latin America’s largest chocolate manufacturer and Argentina and the Mercosur’s main exporter of sweets. In 2000, Luis was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame.

Crediting the company’s success in the international arena to a strategic vision for growth with a focus on long-term planning, he advises his fellow Argentine businessmen to invest in their country’s industries, trusting in the Argentine people’s ability to transcend borders and succeed at the international level.