John Carroll

John Carroll

Class of 2008

John was born on December 12, 1937, in Waynesburg, PA. He attended the local high school and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in business education and general studies.

John spent four years in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

He and his wife Donna, whom he married in July 1962, have two sons, John and Jeffery.

After spending time with the American Tobacco Co., John got his first job in the confectionery business at L.S. Heath and Sons in 1968 as the regional sales representative covering western Pennsylvania.

After only a year, John left the company to partner with Lee Hangliter and form Hangliter & Carroll Co., a confectionery brokerage based in Pittsburgh and covering western Pennsylvania. The two remained partners until 1990, when Lee left and John merged the firm with Williams & Drake Co. During the next 10 years John served as head of the confectionery division and lead the acquisitions of Kramer-Cognetti Co., Joe Friedeman Co. and Polens Martin & Joyce Co.

In 1999, John founded brokerage J. Carroll & Assoc., which he owned and ran until 2004 when he sold it to Jim Leeper and Wally Blyinowski. He stayed on for two years, until retiring in 2006

John has made several significant contributions to the confectionery business. He was active in the founding of the Candy Brokers Association, which later became the brokerage arm of the National Confectioners Association. He has served many industry associations during his career as both an officer and board member, including the NCA, the American Wholesale Marketers Association, the Consolidated Sales Network and the Pittsburgh Candy Club. He counts his two years on the NCA board as the most memorable in his career.

He also served on broker advisory boards for many companies, including Hollywood Brands, Jaret, Ricola and Y & S Candy.

In 2004, John was presented with the Lou Specter Golden Candy Dish Award by the NCA.

In retirement, John spends his time golfing.

John passed away June 23, 2020.