Hugh D. Gardner

Class of 1985

Born in 1920 in Watertown, MA, Hugh is a graduate of Waltham High School and later attended Boston University.

Hugh first joined the industry as a salesman for Mason Au & Magenheimer. Three years later he accepted a sales position with Hollywood Candy Co. entering the brokerage industry the following year when he joined the Seymour Oram Brokerage Co. He then went on to serve as broker for the Lewis Candy Co. for 18 years until becoming a partner at Heyman, O’Gara, Gardner in 1974, the position he held at the time of his induction.

Hugh ended his 40-year career in the candy business in 1985 when he retired as a partner in the Heyman, O’Gara, Gardner Brokerage, a position he held for the last 11 years of a distinguished career.

In 1960, Hugh served as president of Boston Confectionery Salesman Club and was named AWMA Candy Ambassador in 1970. He retired in 1985.

Hugh passed away May 11, 2013.