Picture of Getulio Ursulino Netto

Getulio Ursulino Netto

Class of 2009

Getulio Ursulino Netto’s 45-year career in the confectionery industry began at Brazilian manufacturer Indústria de Chocolates Lacta in 1964. He worked his way up through the company to eventually become marketing director before joining Chocolates Fiorentina as a partner in 1997. The company is best known for its Dan Top brand of chocolate-covered marshmallows.

Getulio was born on August 11, 1934, in Bebedoura, in São Paulo, Brazil, the son of Paulo and Realina, who used to give him small chocolates as schoolwork rewards. After high school in Marilia, he earned a degree in business administration at Colegio São Bento in 1964.

That same year, he married Marlene Castro B. Ursulino, and together they raised two daughters, Ana Martha and Ana Claudia.

In 1976 he became active in the São Paulo state confectionery association, where he remains as chairman to this day. In 1977, he founded the Brazilian national confectionery and peanut association, ABICAB. He became president, leading ABICAB to international recognition for its marketing achievements.

In addition, in 1997, he was the founder of a national committee to promote domestic consumption of chocolate, which successfully runs five-year marketing campaigns throughout Brazil.

Globally, his work includes serving on the International Confectionery Assoc.’s executive council.

As a result, Getulio has won numerous national and international honors, including the prestigious Top Marketing Award from the Brazilian Association of Sales Leaders in 1977, and the Brazilian government’s Export Distinction Award in 2006. Today, he continues to travel the world in support of his industry’s products, and says he has no regrets about his career. Getulio advises others to believe in their products and develop them as far as possible.

He notes the biggest and best business decision in his life was deciding to work with chocolate, which he is proudly dedicated to promoting as a healthy and functional food.