Frank H. Falter Sr.

Class of 1992

Frank was born in 1915 and spent nearly his entire life in the distribution business. At the age of ten he was packing half-pound boxes of hard candy for his father at the Geo. J. Falter Co. in Baltimore. Frank and his wife Annette raised one son, Frank H. Falter, Jr.

Working at the company founded by his grandfather in 1878, there was no job in the wholesale business that Frank did not tackle. At the time of his induction he was chairman of the board of the company.

Frank was a past president of the Maryland Association of Tobacco and Candy Distributors, a past director of the National Candy Wholesalers Association and past president of the NCWA Directors’ Club.

A member of the Lions Club, he held many offices, including president of his local club. He also held the offices of District Zoning Chairman and Deputy District Governor.