Elaine González

Elaine González

Class of 2006

Elaine was born June 9, 1935, in Gary, IN, and received a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish, English and secondary education from Northwestern University. She married Joseph (Pepe) in 1959, and they raised Jay, Carla and Lisa.

Elaine began her confectionery career in 1972 as a supplier of custom chocolate novelties. In 1983, she founded Chocolate Artistry, a company specializing in chocolate instructional services. She also spent 20 years as a consultant to Peter’s Chocolate.

At the time of her induction Elaine was a chocolate artisan and teacher, and accumulated teaching credits at several culinary institutes and confectionery schools around the country.

In addition to leading study tours to Mexico’s cacao plantations, Elaine lectures at educational establishments, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. An active member of numerous culinary associations, Elaine is also the author of such books as Chocolate Artistry and The Art of Chocolate.

In June 2002, she became the first woman to receive the Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award for her instructional contributions to the industry. She has also been awarded the title of Master Chocolatier Emeritus by Retail Confectioners International.

Elaine passed away July 25, 2014.