Edward Seibolt

Class of 2022

Edward Seibolt has no plans of slowing down. He says that in his more than 20 years in the confectionery industry, he has taken every opportunity to volunteer his time and considers himself the ultimate advocate and ambassador for the confectionery business.

Ed was born April 21, 1956, in Washington, DC, to Edward and Catherine. He is one of six kids and fondly remembers the love, generosity and sense of work ethic that his parents instilled in him and his five sisters.

After receiving a BS in administrative management from Clemson University in 1978, Ed began an MBA program at American University and then moved to Boston for a year prior to returning to the D.C. area to begin his career.

He met his wife, Christine, while he was working in the Cleveland area and she was attending Kent State University and they were married in 1988. Together they have five children and two grandchildren. In 2001, Ed became vice-president of sales at Harry London Candies Inc., in Canton, OH, after working for a number of companies in a variety of industries including photography and small appliances. The Harry London was later acquired by Fannie May in 2006 and then purchased in 2017 by Ferrero, where he is currently vice-president of sales and business development at Fannie May.

Lecturing to groups, schools and organizations on behalf of his company, career or the broader industry, Ed dedicates his time to educating others and giving back to the business that he loves.

Ed has been a member of the NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo Committee since 2014 and was closely involved in the event’s rebranding in 2018. In 2021, he led the charge to pivot in the midst of the pandemic and helped facilitate the event’s move from Chicago to Indianapolis following its cancellation in 2020. He was appointed chairman of the show in 2019 and says this role has been “an honor and humbling.”

Along with being involved with the expo, Ed is a member of the NCA State of the Industry Committee, serves on the NCA Board of Trustees and participates in the association’s Vision 2025 Working Group.

In 2007, Ed had his first opportunity to serve as on-air spokesperson on the home shopping channel QVC, representing the Harry London and Fannie May brands. In his more than 15 years as an on-air guest, he has made more than 500 live television appearances using the opportunity to educate millions of consumers on the attributes and benefits of chocolate and confections.

In an effort to educate Ohio politicians on the challenges the confectionery industry faces, Ed has participated in NCA’s Washington Forum since 2016. He also serves as a mentor in the NCA’s Young Professionals Network program and participates in roundtable sessions as a guest speaker.

Through all of this, Ed says he has had the privilege of meeting some of the brightest, talented and most passionate people, who give the industry a feeling of family and community. He is constantly motivated by the sense of fraternity.

Ed would love to continue working in the industry in some capacity and remain involved for years to come. He hopes one day even his children will get involved.

Ed currently lives in Westlake, OH, where he enjoys playing tennis, biking and serving as a player and coach for the Steelheads, a local men’s softball team.