Ed Demain

Class of 1992

Ed began his career with Philip Morris, Inc. in 1964, moving on to M&M/Mars in 1968 and the New England Confectionery Co. in 1973. In 1978, he joined American Food Brokers and when that company was sold in 1980, Ed and his partner, Hal Orlick, formed Twin State Sales candy brokerage.

He attended Queensborough Community College in New York, and he and his wife, Linda, raised two children, Evan and Melissa.

Ed joined the New York Candy Club in 1973, becoming president in 1980. He was elected a Candy Ambassador at the 1978 National Candy Wholesalers Association convention, and was honored with a NCWA Presidential Award in 1990.

At the time of his induction, Ed was board member of the NCSA.