E. Brian Jackson

E. Brian Jackson

Class of 2006

Born August 18, 1933, in Oldham, England, Brian (Jacko) served in the Royal Air Force before acquiring awards and diplomas from numerous technical colleges, including Manchester and Salford. He married Jean in 1965, and they are parents to Phillip and Victoria.

Brian entered the industry in 1948 after joining the C.S.W. product research and development department. He also worked for Meta in Bombay, India and Telie Bon Bon in Germany.

Brian later joined the technical development department of Corn Products Co. (Cerestar) and spent 31 years as a worldwide advisor to the food and confectionery industries. In 1990, he founded Jackson Associates, a confectionery consultancy to international candy makers which he headed at the time of his induction.

Outside of consulting, Brian teaches in London and in Solingen, Germany, and is a frequent speaker at symposiums, conferences and seminars. He is a longtime member of the Leatherhead Food Research Association, the American Association of Candy Technologists and a founding member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Brian spends his time away from the office and classroom playing golf and flying gliders.