Charles Trinder

Charles Trinder

Class of 2007

Charles was born in Brighton, England on February 26, 1943. He has four grown children, Ben, Catherine, Carmen and Jordan, and in 2003 he married Brenda at First United Methodist Church in Florida.

He entered the industry as a sales representative for Cadbury Schweppes in 1963 and worked his way up to national sales manager before leaving the company in 1977 to become president of Reid Brokerage, Inc.

In 1995, Charles was named vice-president and general manager of Hynes Reid Brokerage, where he stayed until 2004 when he joined YOSHA! Enterprises. He has been semi-retired since 2005.

During his 44 years in the industry, Charles was honored with Cadbury’s annual regional and national USA Team awards as well as Broker of the Year honors from companies including R.M. Palmer, Callard & Bowser, Tootsie Roll Industries, Andes Candies, Fleer Corp., Just Born, Storck, Schuster Marketing, Amurol Confections and Cadbury.

When asked how the candy business has changed, Charles praised the industry’s recent trend towards better packaging and better tasting products with more nutritional content.

He says one of the more memorable moments in his career was being able to provide an organization within which my colleagues could grow and financially prosper.

His advice to others is to always go the extra mile and do more than what is expected. He also remarks that the best part of working in the candy business were the memorable times spent with fine people throughout the years.

Charles enjoys playing golf and sailing and is a member of Jaycees and the Casselberry Rotary in Florida. He is also a member of the Coalition for the Homeless in Daytona Beach, FL.