Charles Haug

Class of 1971

Charlie Haug was a third generation candymaker when he took over the operation of Brooklyn, NY – based Mason, Au & Magenheimer Confectionery Mfg. Co. following the death of his father in 1910. Still in high school, Charlie’s life-long career in the candy business was marked by numerous awards for his commitment and contributions to the industry.

Among his contributions were the development of what is believed to be the industry’s first cost accounting system, a development he shared freely with the rest of the industry. On a tastier note, Charlie’s pioneering efforts in the industry are reflected in his being credited with the development of Peaks, the first coconut bar, Black Crow and Mason Dots candies.

Reflecting his commitment to the candy industry, Charlie served as president of the Association of the Confectionery and Chocolate Manufacturers of the State of New York, and president of the National Confectioners Association as well as numerous other industry groups.

Throughout his life, Charlie gave freely of his time and talents to advance the state of the industry and was honored for his lifetime of accomplishments with his induction in the Candy Hall of Fame in 1971, the year it was founded.