Picture of Brian D. Gold

Brian D. Gold

Class of 2014

Brian D. Gold has been working in the confectionery industry for 39 years in his family’s business, Sultana Distribution Services, Inc., where he currently serves as president and CEO.

He started with the company in 1975, joining Sultana Crackers, Inc., a company started by his father, Bernard, in 1947, that was predominately a specialty cracker supplier and distributor. The company sold to independent wagon jobbers who then vended the products to bodegas in the Queens, NY, region.

Seeing the potential to expand the business, Brian began selling additional products, including candy. This venture prompted the company to expand its operation through sales to wholesale distributors.

Born March 25, 1957, to Bernard and Roslyn, Brian grew up in West Hempstead, NY, with siblings Marilyn and Joanne. He attended West Hempstead High School, graduating in 1974, the same year he began at Sultana Crackers.

In August 1980, he married Linda and together they have three children, Nicholas, Jaclyn and Christopher, and are the grandparents of Nicholas and Isabella.

Brian has been active in the industry from the beginning as a member of the New York City Confectionery Club. It was this organization that named him Man of theYear for 1978 and honored his skills in new item distribution in 1981.

However, he says his greatest accomplishments have been building a business with great people and having two of his three children follow him into the industry. Brian adds that running a big enterprise while maintaining a small, family business feeling is one of his biggest day-to-day challenges.

While he would like his legacy to be one of being tough, but fair, Gold notes that many people might be surprised to find that he is a lover, not a fighter. “Unless you don’t love me,” he laughingly adds.

His plans for the next five to 10 years are to enjoy life through his hobbies and interests, which include traveling, exotic cars and making others smile.