Bernard Nadel

Bernard Nadel

Class of 2006

Born in New York City August 11, 1936, Bernie went to work full-time immediately following high school to support his mother after his father’s death. He wed Rebecca, and they raised a daughter, Deborah.

From 1965 to 1970 Bernie was the owner of a retail store; however, he entered the candy business in 1970 when he joined First National Stores as a candy buyer and merchandiser. Five years later he began working for Paul Sayres Co., and later became vice-president of administration at Ferolie Confectionery Sales.

In 1988, he began a 15-year career with Ferrero USA, Inc., retiring in 2003. The industry veteran says: The only way to be successful is to have the right attitude. Whether you own the business or are working for someone else, it is your responsibility to do the best you are able.

Bernie has received a number of professional honors, including the 1975 New York Candy Club’s Candy Merchandiser of the Year award, the 1995 New York State Candy and Tobacco Distributors’ Distinguished Friend of the Industry award and a 1999 AWMA Dean of the Industry Award.

Outside the candy business, he has been recognized for his 25 years with the Hillsdale, NJ Police Reserves, serving as captain, and for his service to the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

At the time of induction Bernie was retired and vice-president of the Concordia Community Men’s Club. He appreciates reading, target shooting and coin collecting.