2019 NCSA Candy Hall of Fame Inductee Audra Vogler

Audra Vogler

Class of 2019

Born on November 24, 1967 in Park Ridge, IL, candy was always in the cards for Audra Vogler.

Her grandfather, Gene Vogler, along with Sydney Hoffmann established the Hoffmann Vogler Brokerage Firm in 1952. She recalls always being surrounded by candy as a child, and knew she wanted to be like her father and sell treats for a living.

Audra’s first unofficial job in the industry was handing out samples with her dad at the Osco show that was held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Her first official job was in high school, working on the retail side of the family business, calling on the independent grocers and setting up Andes Candies displays.

After graduating from Bowling Green State University in 1989, Audra’s first job out of college was as a Sales Representative at Standard Register, a printing company.

In 1990, she would begin her extraordinary career as an Account Executive at Hoffmann Vogler. Once she entered the industry full-time, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Early in her career, she had the opportunity to manage the Walgreens business. She was thrilled to call on one of their largest accounts and work directly with her father.

After being named Vice-President in 2000, Audra became CEO of Hoffmann Vogler in 2014, assuming the reigns from her father and becoming partners with her brothers to run the family business.

One of her proudest moments was when she and her brothers bought the building Hoffmann Vogler now occupies. Spanning a lifetime of success in candy, she admits to reaching the proverbial mountaintop when she was recognized as Audra Vogler, and no longer Don’s daughter.

Audra has become a revered and sought after mentor within the industry. Guiding young professionals from Haribo to Walgreens to Adams & Brooks has allowed her to pass on the knowledge she’s gained from a career in the industry.

She also helped create NCA’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) and is a crucial member of the committee that selects the annual class of YPN Future Leaders.

“Audra has exceptional knowledge within the industry, and her hard work and passion for confections is second to none,” says Haribo of America’s Lana Jones, a 2019 TPN Future Leader. “She continuously goes above and beyond to provide coaching to her mentees. Her expertise and honest feedback are invaluable.”

Outside of the industry, Audra and her husband, Keith, love spending time boating at her parents lake house with family. She also loves to travel and work in her garden.
When describing what her Candy Hall of Fame induction signifies, she says: “It means so much to be inducted following so many great leaders within our industry. It is really quite humbling to follow in their footsteps.”