Picture of Adrian Timms

Adrian Timms

Class of 2018

Born in Sheffield, England, on March 30, 1957, to Bernard and Alice Timms and the youngest brother to David, Alwyn and Andrew, Adrian Timms says his working class parents fostered in their sons a desire to learn and work hard in their education.

Torn between sciences and writing, but having to make a choice in the British school system, he chose science. After reading about one textured vegetable protein (soy), Adrian says was inspired to pursue food science and develop new novel foods.

As Adrian prepared to graduate with a BSc Honors in Food Science from the University of Leeds in 1978, he was recruited by Cadbury Schweppes. He says when he walked to the Cadbury factory for an interview, the smell of roasting chocolate lured him in. Adrian spent his first two years in the UK R&D and technical departments as a management trainee before working as a Research Scientist and Process Engineer.

He was transferred to Cadbury USA as a Senior Process Engineer in 1983, and when Hershey purchased Cadbury USA in 1988, Adrian continued his work in R&D before eventually moving into the role of Manager, Innovation Process and Strategy, Global Marketing Strategy and Brands. In 2009, Adrian designed and developed Hershey’s first generation, company-wide open innovation program before being named Principal Scientist, Chocolate Research, Global R&D. While at Hershey, Adrian earned his Master’s in Food Marketing at St. Joseph’s University.

After leaving Hershey in 2015, Adrian was the Senior Director for Food Science-Confectionery with Chew, LLC., before becoming an Innovation Consultant and eventually establishing his own company, ATimms Consulting, LLC.

Adrian has held numerous leadership positions within industry associations including president and chairman of PMCA. His contributions include renewing the PMCA’s program for industry- sponsored academic research and restructuring its financial operations — all with the next generation in mind. He has also contributed to PMCA publications and conferences.

He also received several recognition awards from Hershey including a R&D peer award for being an outstanding out-of-the-box thinker. Because of his expertise, Adrian has been a facilitator for various ideations and strategic planning sessions for NCA/CMA and presented technical seminars for AACT.

Adrian married Irvette, in 1985 in Sheffield, MA, and they have two sons, Liam and Devin. He continues to pursue his interest in writing earning a diploma in Writing for Children and Teens from the Institute of Children’s Literature and has a story ready to publish.