Adele Ryan Malley

Adele Ryan Malley

Class of 2004

In 1937, Adele was born in Cleveland. She obtained her associate of arts degree from St. Immaculata in Washington, DC.

In 1959 she married William M. Malley, of Malley’s Chocolates in Cleveland, and chose to make chocolate part of her life’s work, assisting Bill in developing the family-owned chain of chocolate shops and ice cream parlors. At the time of her induction, 15 stores were in the company-owned chain, in addition to fundraising and corporate businesses.

Adele founded the Malley’s School of Merchandising in 1983 to assist confectioners in maximizing sales through interesting store layouts, new-found storage space, high-impact packaging, store lighting and presentation of products.

In 1997, she became president of the family-owned company and in the same year was named one of the “29 Most Influential Women in Cleveland” by Cleveland Magazine.

Adele and Bill have both been honored by the Retail Confectioners International (RCI) as Emeritus Master Chocolatiers. She served as president of RCI, and held several board positions while developing key educational programs and seminars.

To her chocolate business colleagues, she advises: “You will always find success by making the finest chocolates, wrapping and selling as reasonably as possible; individually delighting each customer; showing care and concern for your employees and never compromising on these ideals.”

Adele and Bill have six children ñ Michael, William Jr., Daniel, Patrick, Adele and Megan ñ four of whom are involved in the family business. Although officially retired, Adele and Bill remain dedicated to the chocolate business. At the time of her induction, Adele was writing a book on merchandising and publishing her Customer Care program, a guide to delivering customer satisfaction and delight.