Casey Malley

Scholarship awarded in 2017

Casey Malley

Casey is entering her freshman year at the University of Kentucky where she plans to study at the College of Business as she pursues a career in marketing.

She graduated from Walsh Jesuit High Schools, in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where she was a member of the campus ministry. Casey also led an Urban Plunge retreat, a three day, two night event helping feed Cleveland's homeless.

An athlete throughout her high school years, Casey notes her proudest achievement outside of the classroom was making the varsity basketball team as a freshman. Having played basketball since a young age, she spent hours in the gym and working with personal trainers to improve her game. Casey also played varsity field hockey at Walsh.

In addition to her course work, Casey held an internship at Nestlé USA, Inc.'s Solon, OH, facility, where she sat in on marketing meetings and learned the importance of consumer feedback, particularly for product R&D.

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