About Us

The entire membership of the National Confectionery Sales Association of America is dedicated to furthering positive growth and acceptance of confectionery and allied products by education, open and frank dialogue, and recognition of peers’ notable accomplishments.

Our responsibility to principals, customers, members and the community is to represent our products and our services professionally and ethically in all relationships.

While Webster defines a salesperson as: one whose job is to sell goods and services, the National Confectionery Sales Association broadens the definition by stating that a person who manufacturers, distributes, advertises and promotes confectionery is also selling confectionery. For that reason our organization encompasses all individuals engaged in the many facets of our industry.

The association has been in existence for more than 100 years, and since 1971 has been the sponsor of the Candy Hall of Fame.

We take pride in our many accomplishments, especially the recent establishment of a scholarship fund for the children and grandchildren of our members.

Please join us in membership. The small investment you make will pay out many times over as you network with fellow professionals within the candy industry.

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